I Survived Kristy’s Night on the Town!

Well, we survived Kristy’s graduation nights at the D.B. Fortunately none of were stabbed and the night went off without a hitch. We went to Monarachas for margaritas and Mexican food. Originally we were going to hit up La Parota but due to power failure at their establishment we headed over to Monarachas(sp?). The food was good and the drinks were better… we had a great time celebrating Kristy’s graduation with friends. She had a blast (as did everyone else I think). After dinner we headed on to the Double Branch for pool and drinks… after a number of beers, shots and failed pool games we sat around till about 11:00 shooting the proverbial ‘shit’; was a good time.

Graduation CelebrationGraduation CelebrationGraduation Celebration
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