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Jess and Joseph’s Wedding Shower

Here are the pictures from Jess and Joseph’s wedding shower this past weekend. It was a good time for all and some laughs at the expense of the bride and groom to be (specifically as a result of Jen’s gift). Link to whole set.

Who knows?

Random check in. Hopped online and things were flying so I decided to do a speed test… yea… I think that the ‘free preview’ of the 5mbs service started with Charter. YEA! Now they will get me used to it for a couple months and when I think my internet gets ‘slow’ and call to… Continue reading Who knows?

Ubuntu : Feisty Fawn x64

Liking Ubuntu. I am getting used to the interface of gnome (used KDE a good deal – don’t want to anymore; nothing against KDE, but I am getting tired of the ‘MS’ interface) and have actually grown to like it quite a bit. There are some small bugs that I need to work out yet… Continue reading Ubuntu : Feisty Fawn x64