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Who knows?

Random check in. Hopped online and things were flying so I decided to do a speed test… yea… I think that the ‘free preview’ of the 5mbs service started with Charter. YEA! Now they will get me used to it for a couple months and when I think my internet gets ‘slow’ and call to find out they will inform me that I am paying for 3mbs and offer me a ‘deal’ on 5mbs 🙂 Until then, I will enjoy it….

Speaking of loving free shiznit… Ubuntu… I am still feeling it. I have played with several variants of Linux over the past 7 or 8 years and have to say that if they are wanting to make it easy, they do an excellant job! It is pretty, it runs well (admittedly, there was a need for some tuning on my notebook but that is to be expected.) and it is…. FREE. It actually is doing things that I cannot do in Vista with my hardware and i have about 95% of what does function in windows working perfectly in Ubuntu… Feisty Fawn’s official release is April 19th folks… get it… you will likely like that decision more than the feeling you will have when you plop down a hundred bucks for Vista… and I am speaking from experience; I have Vista Home Premium and Ubuntu blows its socks off! If you cant wait until the 19th you can get Fesity Fawn Beta – I have been runnig it for 3 weeks and am loving it…

Ubuntu : Feisty Fawn x64

Liking Ubuntu. I am getting used to the interface of gnome (used KDE a good deal – don’t want to anymore; nothing against KDE, but I am getting tired of the ‘MS’ interface) and have actually grown to like it quite a bit. There are some small bugs that I need to work out yet but what does work, works better than it does in windows in ways. I am in the process of working these bugs out now and attempting to make a disk image with partimage so that I can dig in aggressively and be able to restore it if I F something up.

I screwed up and set my remaining 40gb of free HD space off of the last (third) partition I made (extended) – no now the 40gb is setting there without the ability to allocate it within the current partition layout. I am about to attempt disabling my swap drive (swapoff) – I am creating a temp swapfile to sub – then repartitioning those partitions.

But yea, liking it.  Starting to think that swapping is not only a viable option but also an attractive option as well.  Oh yea, and beryl doesn’t hurt in that department either.