One Year.

Mark Suicide is pointless.

Because of suicide I lost one of the people I held dearest in this world.

I lost a friend of nearly 22years because of a minute of err in judgement.

There is now a hole that will never be filled because of a moments worth
of thought and choice.
There will always be words to be said to someone that I can never say them to again.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Life is full of problems…. that is life… without problems, well, we wouldn’t have much
live for.

Be thankful for your problems.
Be thankful that they are not worse; they could be.

Problems bring the triumps and victories in life into perspective, so that we
can enjoy them and feel them more deeply.

If you think that you have problems, that you cannot go on because your burden in
this world is simply too much to bear; you are wrong. You are not special. We all have
problems. Whatever you may be going through, someone else has gone through
it before you; most likely worse than you. Never loose your perspective on life;
it is life, there are problems, there are victories, NO ONE’S life is full of only one or
the other… we all share in both.

You are never alone. You are always loved.

Ubuntu 5.10 Install…. Wohoo! Pretty Nice…

Well, I installed the new Ubuntu 5.10 “The Breezy Badger” linux distro today and I must say…”Windoze, best watch your ass!” The install went smooth as a XP install and all of my hardware autoconfiged(almost all, the wireless took very little work and that can be blamed on BroadCom, not linux). That is saying alot as I installed the distro on my Compaq r3240 laptop. Anyone who has attempted to install older linux distros on s/icon-large/ubuntu.pnga laptop can agree that usually there is a big difference between having a fully functioning linux desktop box and the same being true with a laptop linux matchine.

There was little work in getting this distro up and online and then only SLIGHTLY more work in getting it who system up to date with the bells and whistles in free software (like burning, multimedia,3d,graphic, games etc software….free….oh yea, did I say 100% freegin free!). Like I said before… Windows watch your ass… these guys are going to give you a run for your money…. I must admit… next desktop I build for a customer will possibly have ubuntu as the default OS.

Just havnt posted in awhile and wanted to preach the praises of UBUNTU…. check em out… clear off a little partition and see what you can do!