To be continued?

Good day, reader.

If you’ve stumbled here, it was most surely by accident or to read one of my posts from a year or more ago. The truth is, I’ve not maintained this site like I wish that I had – not just for the last year, but for quite a while longer if we’re being truthful.

As is often times the case in life, lack of time and energy are the generic unquantified excuses for why I’ve failed to check off my many wanted todos as ‘done’. Since we’re being honest, I don’t know when I will find this reserve of time and energy to pick this back up – and so I just wanted to take a moment to come and say as much here.

When I do find this magical reserve of ‘can do attitude’, I hope to come back with a new and improved site for myself – a base requirement of which will be a migration of hosts to increase stability, an archiving of my old content currently housed here, and a new focused body of work for showcasing on the new site (whenever that happens).

In the meantime, feel free to look me up on the various other avenues where I more frequently participate – more often than not, I am just ‘mattezell’ (except when some imposter Matt Ezell has already claimed it)! Lastly, feel free to check back here from time to time for an update – while I am uncertain of the future for each, I intend to eventually have both and as my homes on the web.

Happy New Year, readers and robots!


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