Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day fools. As I sit here, waiting for the wifey to finish her ‘getting ready’ ritual I thought I would piece together some stuff I have written on the previous couple days in a random text document – my scratch doc that’s always open taking in my rants – and give you a… Continue reading Happy Turkey Day

End of the honeymoon…

Well, I am writing out of a realized shortcoming. A dream now shattered and brought to reality. Okay, so I have a tendency towards melodrama and it is not the monumental deconstruction of a heart-felt hope as I have implied but this realization did blow never the less. As I have posted, I recently purchased… Continue reading End of the honeymoon…

Homecoming Weekend?

Here I sit, Sunday, the weekend nearly over. So… What did I accomplish. Little… nothing? Well, I had a good time, and I think that is all that counts. Friday evening we got to spend some time with our friends the Shirley’s, who were down from Virginia. Little food and drink at La Parota; which… Continue reading Homecoming Weekend?


I have not written here in some time, so here I go.  Life is hectic.  That is the short of it.  That is why I have not written here in so long.  Between my personal life, work, and school I have had little time to spend here.  Okay, so that is not total truth as… Continue reading Untitled