Tab Dump – September 5th 2014 Ed.

Well, it’s that time again – too many tabs to be able to look myself in the face (in the mirror, of course)… If you’re a ‘regular’ reader of this ‘blog’, you know by now that these are pretty much the only posts that I do with any real regularity… Fluff of little value, I know – but here you have it… what I’ve been holding in my tabs for the past couple of weeks…

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Microsoft no longer forcing Firefox users into “Classic” mode – “Full” version now available to Firefox users!

So, I logged into my Hotmail account (aka the Spam Dump) and was surprised to find that Microsoft has stopped their blocking of Firefox for the “new” mailbox features…  A long time user of Firefox, I have simply accepted the petty tactics of MS against Firefox users (it’s not just them, my bank does it too), but it seems that I no longer have to live my life as a second class Hotmail citizen.

For those with no knowledge of the issue, Microsoft has seemingly singled out Firefox users and prevented them from accessing the “Full” interface to Hotmail’s email service.  Seemingly limited to Firefox, other browsers (IE & Opera – not sure about Safari) have been able to access the full functionality of Hotmail since its initial roll-out.  Hotly debated in various circles, it is widely believed that the limiting of access to the “Full” functionality of Hotmail’s services were based not on browser computability, but instead merely on browser client branding alone (which is why some browser other than MSIE worked, while others did not).

I do not know what brought about the change of heart over at Microsoft – perhaps they are finally finding honey works better than vinegar? – none the less, I am ‘pleased’ (read as indifferent) to see Microsoft has decided that childishly blocking their service’s users from utilizing its full functionality is not a good business move.

Well, off to my sparkling new spam box’s interface!

I will be a proud father in a couple months…. all thanks to Mr. Beer!

Hello again reader(s). I wanted to let everyone know that I decided to get a child; to nature and nourish into a fully mature…. Beer…. Yes, sir. I am now a (future) master brewer. What did this miracle, the miraculous piece of monumental scientific achievement set me back? $15.99USD. Yup, for the price of a 12 pack of imports I got 20 home brewed pieces of paradise (or at least that is the plan).

Of all places, I found this proof of god’s existence at TJ-MAXX….for $15.99…. I am ecstatic about this opportunity to wet my feet in the waters of microbrewery.

I fought hard with the desire to crack into the process immediately but I finally decided the best for all involved (Mr.Beer and Me) to wait and become fully comfortable with not only the instructions but the process (scientifically) thoroughly. I also think that I am going to order an ounce or two of hops to toss off in there for flava!

As luck had it, Kristy and I were in the Gump to pick up some miscellaneous items and eat at the new Japanese café (in the TJ MAXX/Fresh Market center) and I stumbled across this beauty. Kristy thinks I am nuts but I have no remorse for my purchase and am giddy as a fat kid in a candy store. Never has a greater tool to exploration been laid at my feet since I received my first science kit as a young child. I look forward to many homebrew experienced ahead….

As far as the new Japanese café goes; eat there…. If you are within in the Montgomery vicinity it is definitely worth a try. This place is the bomb. The location is small and inconspicuous; hardly represents the food and environment inside. If there is one thing it does reflect; it is the prices. The food was not only good but great. We started out with the sushi sampler which was awesome and consisted of large, fresh cuts of fish which were excellent (<$5!). This place has the bomb wasabi as well; none of that weak shit… Kristy got the teriyaki salmon which was excellent; served with fried rice, grilled veggies as well as soup and salad, and all for $9.99! I went with the teriyaki steak which was equally, if not more so, great. I had the same fixings and all for $9.99. I savored a few nice Saparro beers (Japanese) and Kristy had tea. The meal was excellent, the environment was very relaxed and comfortable and the food and food value was superior. Like I said, check it out… Grade A meal for two less than $40…worth it, I promise.

The Strokes Concert…. Eww fun.

Strokes ConcertWell, this is just going to be a breif post, I just wanted to get some of the pictures up from the Strokes concert lastnight. It was rad! Kristy and I had an awsome time. The Strokes were great… We got there good and early to hang out and drink some brew.

Most of the pictures are pretty blurry…. the lighting was low and I was shooting without a flash (as it was useless at the 50ft or so where we were — we will leave the alcohol out of blame). Some of the pics turned out pretty decent, I was just too far back for clear faces, but I was there for the music (which ruled).

Due to exceeding my monthly flickr quota I was unable to upload all of the pics but I picked some of the clearest. I will update with full recap of evening tomarrow.

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