I will be a proud father in a couple months…. all thanks to Mr. Beer!

Hello again reader(s). I wanted to let everyone know that I decided to get a child; to nature and nourish into a fully mature…. Beer…. Yes, sir. I am now a (future) master brewer. What did this miracle, the miraculous piece of monumental scientific achievement set me back? $15.99USD. Yup, for the price of a 12 pack of imports I got 20 home brewed pieces of paradise (or at least that is the plan).

Of all places, I found this proof of god’s existence at TJ-MAXX….for $15.99…. I am ecstatic about this opportunity to wet my feet in the waters of microbrewery.

I fought hard with the desire to crack into the process immediately but I finally decided the best for all involved (Mr.Beer and Me) to wait and become fully comfortable with not only the instructions but the process (scientifically) thoroughly. I also think that I am going to order an ounce or two of hops to toss off in there for flava!

As luck had it, Kristy and I were in the Gump to pick up some miscellaneous items and eat at the new Japanese café (in the TJ MAXX/Fresh Market center) and I stumbled across this beauty. Kristy thinks I am nuts but I have no remorse for my purchase and am giddy as a fat kid in a candy store. Never has a greater tool to exploration been laid at my feet since I received my first science kit as a young child. I look forward to many homebrew experienced ahead….

As far as the new Japanese café goes; eat there…. If you are within in the Montgomery vicinity it is definitely worth a try. This place is the bomb. The location is small and inconspicuous; hardly represents the food and environment inside. If there is one thing it does reflect; it is the prices. The food was not only good but great. We started out with the sushi sampler which was awesome and consisted of large, fresh cuts of fish which were excellent (<$5!). This place has the bomb wasabi as well; none of that weak shit… Kristy got the teriyaki salmon which was excellent; served with fried rice, grilled veggies as well as soup and salad, and all for $9.99! I went with the teriyaki steak which was equally, if not more so, great. I had the same fixings and all for $9.99. I savored a few nice Saparro beers (Japanese) and Kristy had tea. The meal was excellent, the environment was very relaxed and comfortable and the food and food value was superior. Like I said, check it out… Grade A meal for two less than $40…worth it, I promise.

23 miles under the belt and none the wiser….

Night-timeThe canoe trip to Blackwater River went off without a hitch.. It was fun in the sun for all. As stated previously, we took the (long ass) 23 mile canoe/camping trip. The water levels were a little lower than I had anticipated but it was all good. We had an average height of about 3-3.5 feet with a relatively slow current. The biggest downside to the trip (outside of sand in the ass while (attempting) sleeping) was the debris in the river as there was a sizable number of downed trees and stumps in the water. There were actually even a couple of trees that spanned the entire width of the river complicating passage at times but when walking away from a trip with no snakes spotted and no canoes having tipped, by default, one must consider it a good trip.

We were fortunate on all fronts, weather included. Although the days were hot were graced with cool breezes and a cool night for camping. The sky was pristine and clear leaving the group with a lightshow in the stars beyond compare. There were lots of drank beers and possibly a few lies told amongst friends under the stars (and over the phone waves – sorry Green) while spending our time on the river. The dogs of course enjoyed their second outing with us; which allowed them countless hours of frolicking in the mud and sand….what dogs wouldn’t love it? Well… what’s left to say that this and the pictures haven’t? Not too much… just that, well I am ready for a vacation from my vacation… I need to book an AIRCONDITIONED room at the beach!

The Rest of the Trip!

It is so on….

Aight… Its summer and I have been cooped up at the office and the house the majority of the time. Not only that, but school started this week….. “the remedy?” you might ask….. CANOE AT BLACKWATER….. Ahhhh yea….

So here is the situtation…. River levels been down for weeks…. gradually rising over the last 2 weeks as if the gods of blackwater knew we were beconing their call… the rains have flooded the higher lands for the first time nearly in 2+ months and she has swelled…swelled to the current level (as of this writing) to 4.75ft (http://waterdata.usgs.gov/fl/nwis/uv?02370500)….

Not only this but as I am writing one hell of a storm is approaching…. from the east no lest, furthing my hypothesis of the Blackwater gods favoring our journey!

So… wish us luck and fun and I will post pics apon our safe return!!