Tab Dump – 4/29/2012

Since the advent of the tabbed browser interface, I have admittedly “over utilized” the tabs feature – something that those who know me IRL have quite frequently noted over the years (read: “OMFG-Y so MANY tabs?!”).

As one who previously used bookmarks with similar zeal, I often finding myself accumulating tabs over several weeks as I encounter content of interest… Usually, the content inspires some desire for review and so grabs a long standing life in my browser tab collection.

In an effort to clear my tab clutter and preserve some level of history for the content, I have decided to start this tab dump series. Essentially, as you have likely already figured out, this will be a list of urls that correspond with content currently open in my tabs – for your viewing pleasure and my historic reference.

The League of Movable Type –
A great collection of Fonts. Much of the content is free and/or open sourced to some degree.

jQuery Image Galleries –
I recently found a need for a rotator for a project that I was working on… This list arose in the search and has remained in my browser since.

HTML5 Showcase –
40 Beautiful HTML5 Site Showcase… Went looking for inspiration and found this… Has lived on in my browser for some 3 weeks or so now…

Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth (Goyte Cover) –

TinyToysCraft – Tilt-shift blur in Minecraft –

Short list this time – you won’t always be so lucky! 🙂  Hopefully this frees up a little memory for non-browser use of the computer!