Just wanted to share this because I feel that it will otherwise never see the light of day…

First, pop over to “Top Gear” a BBC publication/television show…
And here was my response (that, like I said, will likely never been seen on the site):

“First, I must apologize, I have not seen the video in question – a search for “American Holiday” yields no results on your site.

With this said, there are idiots everywhere you go; you can’t single out Alabama as having a monopoly on them.  I live in Alabama and I can verify that there are, in fact, some seriously ignorant, back-woods folks that live here – but, there are more intelligent, good hearted people that call Alabama home.

Chances are, under different (non-instigating) circumstances these same people would have given you a ride or helped you work on your car, had you broken down.

It often times seems the case that people pass through Alabama full of stereotypes about the local Alabamians – when I was a TEENAGER I did the same… that was before I called this place home and realized my perspective was warped and prejudice. Granted, some of these stereotypes are pretty accurate but others, most of them, are greatly exaggerated.

When you roll into any place and start running your mouth off about local tradition people take offense, even when they don’t fully embrace it themselves – this is life. If I came to your home town bashing your local government (even the parts you dislike) you would likely take offense from an outsider running off at the mouth… this is life… fortunately my southern upbringing instilled better manners than this into me.

Despite your attempt to pass yourself off as taking the cultural high-ground you don’t seem to be very culturally sensitive or culturally educated.

I can only hope that if you do ever venture back to Alabama you have the chance to meet some of our wonderful citizens and see some of our beautiful countryside.

Best to you, from Alabama!”

Unfortunately they do not let you know this:

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until after you have posted…. go figure.

For those of you who know me and knew me in my (misspent) youth, I am far from the average Alabamian, nor am I typically a Alabama fan-boy, but, with this said, I grow increasingly tired of stereotypes in regards to Alabama.  There is much that can be changed that would benefit Alabama and its inhabitants but there is also alot that is great, no, that is perfect and should not be touched for anything or anyone.

Do not roll through here on high-horse and lump all of Alabama in with a couple of bumpkins you pass along the way and I will not come to your hometown and lump all of your citizens with the less savory of your society. Deal?

Baby Maddy

Some of our best friends lost their daughter, Madyson, this past Friday morning. My heart and thoughts go out to them during this time of excruciating pain in loss. Madyson was a fighter from day one. She did not have a choice. Madyson was born just under one year ago with severe complications. Madyson has experienced a great deal of hardship as a result of complications at birth and has had to fight for every breath that she breathed. May she now be at peace, free from the her day to day and minute to minute strife and struggle.

It often times seems unfair that things in life unfold they way they do; that outcomes turn out so far from our hopes, dreams, expectations and wishes for them. That is our limit in life – the things that we cannot and will not ever be able to control. Unfortunately there is no one who can absolutely answer why this is – just that it is. There is another side to our lives that we cannot control – something that we call love. Pure, natural, uncontrollable love. No bias, no negative, transcending all – love.

Madyson was with us only a short time, far too short by any standard. From day one, her innocent little life was a struggle – the thing that most of us get without a fight, she fought for daily; her life. But strife and struggle was not the only thing that Madyson was born into; she was also born into a world full of love – surrounded before she even entered into this world with many, many people who cared for her and loved her greatly. Two of these people were Misty and Wesley; likely two of the most loving and good hearted people that a child could wish to be born with as parents. Because of this, Madyson’s life – despite duration – was a life that was full of love and affection – more love and affection than many of us will see in a lifetime.

Madyson will be missed and will always remain loved.

We love you Madyson. We love you Misty. We love you Wesley. You are in our hearts and minds.

Madyson’s Blog

Update: Day One: War on lights, wires and batteries.

So, weak Boston has crumpled and let the terrorist out – and on $2,500 bond. Tough on terror my ass. Okay, so I am kidding… but not really… but yea, kidding.

Seriously though, if these guys posed the risk that the Bostonian government is suggesting in their vengeful witch-hunt against these guys and everyone who has anything to do with these signs – $2,500 bond? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there should be a bond because I feel the arrest to be BS but to me this says Boston knows what they have on these guys equates to shit. I mean most all other crimes that are deemed arrest-able offences require more in bond than this… so this alone speaks volumes to the weight of which the rest of this case will play out with…diddily… I know there is not a clearly defined legal correlation between the two (bond/danger) but in offenses pertaining to posing a risk to safety it is typically much higher than this… indicating the obvious.. no threat… as originally claimed…
Which makes you ask… is this necessary…

Taken from AS’ website…

So anyways, they are out – came up with some nonsensical act for the paparazzi for the press conference. 70’s hair was appearantly the topic of the day… “What we really want to talk about today — it’s kind of important to some people — it’s haircuts of the 1970s,” -Berdovsky (aka. Terrorist One).

I can’t help but wonder if this is in the deal with Adult Swim in the end as far as these dudes’ agreements are concerned. With the right spin this could be very beneficial in the way of increasing notoriety for the adult cartoon block on Cartoon network (AdultSwim. 10pm, 9 Central – Check your local listing for details. AdultSwim better than crack and Cheetos combined!)Normally bad publicity is well…bad… but when you make your money from defying socially accepted norms then bad publicity can be good publicity – this is likely the case of ATHF and AdultSwim as a whole. Not to mention, (ok, to mention) AdultSwim has a ATHF movie due in march, so…. you do the (speculative) math.

The geniuses running the fine city of Boston are acting… well, much like before… crazy, paranoid and overly zealous to pass the mud from their faces’ to anothers. The mayor continues to vow to hunt down those involved – in a legal manner of course. The prosecutor claimed at the arraignment that (a device was found)“looking like it had C-4 explosive.” C-4… I didn’t know they had silly putty on their design too! Cheeky bastards. So yea, like I said crazy… The assistant attorney in the case even went as far to claim “It’s clear the intent was to get attention by causing fear and unrest that there was a bomb in that location,”… yea… crazy…

The general consensus amongst Bostonians is embarrassment for their leaders (and seemingly a bit for themselves). “We’re the laughing stock” one 34 yr old woman told MSNBC. I have checked in some Boston blogging sites and this sentiment seems to be echoed there as well.

My take? The signs were/ARE very clever. The concept is a very popular one currently in the tech community. Very. Even yours truly has in the last month ordered at least ½ the supplies for similar (tho far less creative) projects… popularized by sites such as makezine, instructables and the graffiti research lab (these guys do rad shiznit… like this) and mainstreamed it all to the general tech public via Digg, Slashdot and Boing Boing like social linking sites…

So, here we have the source of the idea (if they really want to hunt down the actual source of this so called “terrorism” – jackasses). Next we had an idea… by an artist/advertisement designer…but not who you think… not the 27 yr artist hired to post the LED signs – someone who you have heard nothing from that works at the marketing agency, Interference Inc… so yea, didn’t even arrest the right guys (?). Actually, originally it was orchestrated from AdultSwim (here is their apology aired last night –

So here is the source of this particular device… or motivation for the source if you will…

Now, the frenzy… this is the kicker… this is the people who lead, govern and rule Boston’s immediate functions… this is these people not thinking… Knee jerk. Fight or flight… “OMFG it’s a bomb everybody run for your f’n life!!!!!!!” That was it… no thinking… just reaction… now, everyone does this. True. Acknowledged. But, with that said, when you place people in power it is with the inherent understanding that those individuals are there to make decisions. I am most certain that Boston, and America as a whole, does not want those leading our states and cities making decisions without thinking… or crap like this fiasco happen… people need to break this whole paranoid ‘take’ that the next 9/11 is right around the bend – doom is pending – the prophesized approaching apocalypse is upon us…and simply live life… laugh when you see funny little 2 dimensional chartoon characters flipping a bird at you. I am not saying to not be aware or diligent in the fight on terrorism (what ever the hell that has turned into meaning), I am just saying that outside of keeping your head up, you can’t just wait for the next boom… if it happens it happens. Hopefully it won’t, bust history frowns on this outcome… that is life… but we can’t go around blowing up shit out of paranoia… it just doesn’t work in a free society…

Got a min… check out my rapper/lawyer/blogger friend’s take…

Update on the terrorist mooninite invasion.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am likely overly agitated by this example of incompetence in regards to those which govern our cities and country as a whole. This exaggerated agitation comes as a result of me being a (self acknowledging) nerd and also from my tentative plans (now likely compromised) for decorating my own home town with LED throws and also, of course, my inherent distrust of the calmative cognitive ability of ‘the man’ to run our government well and in out best interest without trampling on the liberties and freedoms which we are supposedly afforded.

With this said, lets recap: post led advertisements and the government will detonate them and then will charge YOU with felony charges of placing a hoax device in a way that causes panic (whatever the efffff that means) and disorderly conduct (if you don’t fall in line boy, we will lock you up – Lady Liberty(?)).

In response to freelance, contract artist Peter Berdovsky posting homemade LED signs depicting popular (yet, obviously unknown to the “intelligent” people of Boston, MA) Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters, the Mooninites, the city of Boston (and the highly “intelligent” people that run the city) have arrested and are now charging Berdovsky and an ‘accomplice’ with the above listed charges stemming from a fear of terrorism on the beautiful (and ‘intelligent’) city of Boston, Ma.

Martha Coakley, the beautiful and ‘intelligent’ Attorney General of Boston has said “It had a very sinister appearance,” “It had a battery behind it, and wires” in reference to the advertisements in question…

Well… battery + wire = bomb… It is a shame that America is wasting so much money on munitions to fight a war when it turns out all you really need is a battery and some wire… like I said.. beautiful and… intelligent… I am glad it is these type of people who run our governments for us, otherwise we would face dangers and perils in the way of glowing and flashing lights threatening our FREEDOMS and securities more often!

From the equally intelligent Mayor, Mr. Thomas Menino: “”I just think this is outrageous, what they’ve done … It’s all about corporate greed.” He also told reporters “I think the city deserves a call, not from a press person, but from somebody in the corporate structure of Turner,”

– This sounds to me like Boston has mud on their faces about their complete and total inappropriate handling of some clever advertisements and is now looking for someone to blame for their own incompetence. Way to go Boston!

Mrs. Coakley also noted when asked about arrest stemming from the incident, potentially in other states, that since the offenses (?) occurred in Boston (that they could be arrested in other states). Arrested. For posting advertisements. Clever, illuminated, flashing (and sinister(?)) advertisements. Watch out advertisers, the feds are going to come after you!

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, another incredibly intelligent Bostonian, has even gone as far as calling the advertisements as “unconscionable” in a post 9/11 era!?!?!?! Are you F’n kidding me?! The root of the problem (if you didn’t already know) is this whole concept of living in a post 9/11 era. Yes be diligent and aware, informed and proactive in your securities… but stupid… no… when will we start arresting people for that?

We live in 2007. 2007. One more time… 2007… not a post 9/11 era… not any more than we live in a post Oklahoma City Era (no driving white vans near fed buildings?) or Waco Era (no one can practice freedom of religion because a few nuts?)… We do however live in an overly sensitive, delusional-ly paranoid era where everyone swears that everyone is out to get them. Yes, I know, there are crazy people out there, and yes, they would like to kill us. But guess what, people posting CLEVER LED SIGNS are not these people. Do not ostracize, isolate and banish these (smart) people because of your own ignorance of simple circuitry and delusional paranoid baseless fears. Do not stomp on freedom as a precautionary measure for when you do, you stomp on everything that our country supposedly stands for in way of freedom and in doing so you have successfully (as they have in Boston) made a mockery of our entire system of ethics and values. These people are ruining our country and unfortunately they have the power to do so and to quite you as they do.

The wonderfully ‘intelligent’ police commissioner went on to say “In the environment nowadays … we really have to look at the motivation of the company here and why this happened.” – Sinister motivations I am sure… just ask the district attorney… sinister… F.

Luckily reports from the Pentagon (yes, the mf’n Pentagon) have confirmed that they are monitoring the situation from headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO but have not yet dispatched any agents to the field… yet… lucky us.

So America, you are NOW safe… sleep tight, away from your fears of menacing glowing signs… Boston is on it, the Pentagon is on it, the entire media circus is on it and I am sure, before long, the Dubbya (W) will be on it…

God bless America (yes, even the idiots).

What more is amazing is the fact that this advertising campaign has taken place in multiple cities across the country without incident (other than some pictures being taken and some laughs being had)… that is until Boston got hold of it and the geniuses in command collapsed their cities infrastructure as a result. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and Philadelphia – all without fear of TERROR!!! And then finally (though I am not sure it is actually ‘Finally’) Boston.. Boston, Boston, Boston…

Want to see more:

Flickr – Keywords:Mooninites LED

MakeZine – Led Throwies

Instructables – Led Throws



To Whom It May Concern:

We, America, need to get our collective heads out of our collective asses.

We live in a free country;  a free country where we are free to express ourselves however we may seem fit as long as our expressions and practice of our liberties and freedoms does not infringe on others.  But we must ask, “how far are we responsible for infringement on others?”  Are we to be held accountable for dramatically affecting our fellow citizen’s pursuits in life when it is our fellow citizen’s ignorance that is really to blame for any impediment of their own freedoms?  Are we responsible for others in being responsible to make sure that everyone has a base level intelligence to know a joke from a threat to their security?

Recently in Boston there has apparently been a “terror scare”.  What brought on this scare one may naively ask; ‘be it mysterious dust or smoke?’ No. ‘Be it explosions, the source and demolitionist unknown?’ No. ‘Be it blinking, glowing menacing signs of apocalyptic doom, in the form of cartoon mooninites?’ Yes, it be.

Like I said, collective heads out of…

For those of you who do not know; this making of ‘led throws’ is a popular past time for those of us who are technologically inclined and time abundant (or sleep deprived – which ever the case may be).  It has been being done for some time now and has been greatly popularized by the likes of tech communities such as Makezine.  Everything from ‘threat level alert’ signs to, yes, cartoon character likenesses have been made using this popular, cheap and easy technique of visual (harmless – unless you live in a city of paranoid schizophrenics such as Boston) vandalism.

How this could ever be mistaken as a terror threat is unknown to me (other than the previous city of Schitzos theory).  As I see the story continue to flash across CNN, and see the footage of Peter Berdovsky being arrested for posting advertisements around the city I cannot help ask myself (any anyone within ear or eye shot), ‘where the hell are we living?’  Are we living in a free country anymore? I know that many will say undeniably ‘yes’ and will feel that this is a justified response to a potential terror threat (abeit likely delusional).  To you, I would have to say ‘Stop messing up my country.’ Stop terrorizing citizens of this great nation. And also, G.W. Bush, STOP SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF US!

We are so convinced that every last one of us are at a daily risk of death from some faceless terrorist organization across the globe.  The potential attack, be it dirty bomb, biological warfare, nuclear detonation or menacing LED SIGNS – we cannot stop people from being people because other people are scared of them being themselves in their practicing of their freedoms.  If you are unable to distinguish threats to your life and well being from simple LED advertisements, the best advice I can give to you to protect your life it to stay home.  Never leave the confines and safety of your own walls.  Outside of that, leave you paranoia and delusions of grandeur at home and away from sane, creative souls living their American dream.

“He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither” – Benjamin Franklin