Another reason to love Calvin and Hobbs

In case you needed it, here is another reason to love Calvin and Hobbes… So simple and yet so obviously logical. “An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Just wanted to share this because I feel that it will otherwise never see the light of day… First, pop over to “Top Gear” a BBC publication/television show… And here was my response (that, like I said, will likely never been seen on the site): “First, I must apologize, I have not seen the video… Continue reading Cheeky…

Baby Maddy

Some of our best friends lost their daughter, Madyson, this past Friday morning. My heart and thoughts go out to them during this time of excruciating pain in loss. Madyson was a fighter from day one. She did not have a choice. Madyson was born just under one year ago with severe complications. Madyson has… Continue reading Baby Maddy

Update: Day One: War on lights, wires and batteries.

So, weak Boston has crumpled and let the terrorist out – and on $2,500 bond. Tough on terror my ass. Okay, so I am kidding… but not really… but yea, kidding. Seriously though, if these guys posed the risk that the Bostonian government is suggesting in their vengeful witch-hunt against these guys and everyone who… Continue reading Update: Day One: War on lights, wires and batteries.