Baby Maddy

Some of our best friends lost their daughter, Madyson, this past Friday morning. My heart and thoughts go out to them during this time of excruciating pain in loss. Madyson was a fighter from day one. She did not have a choice. Madyson was born just under one year ago with severe complications. Madyson has experienced a great deal of hardship as a result of complications at birth and has had to fight for every breath that she breathed. May she now be at peace, free from the her day to day and minute to minute strife and struggle.

It often times seems unfair that things in life unfold they way they do; that outcomes turn out so far from our hopes, dreams, expectations and wishes for them. That is our limit in life – the things that we cannot and will not ever be able to control. Unfortunately there is no one who can absolutely answer why this is – just that it is. There is another side to our lives that we cannot control – something that we call love. Pure, natural, uncontrollable love. No bias, no negative, transcending all – love.

Madyson was with us only a short time, far too short by any standard. From day one, her innocent little life was a struggle – the thing that most of us get without a fight, she fought for daily; her life. But strife and struggle was not the only thing that Madyson was born into; she was also born into a world full of love – surrounded before she even entered into this world with many, many people who cared for her and loved her greatly. Two of these people were Misty and Wesley; likely two of the most loving and good hearted people that a child could wish to be born with as parents. Because of this, Madyson’s life – despite duration – was a life that was full of love and affection – more love and affection than many of us will see in a lifetime.

Madyson will be missed and will always remain loved.

We love you Madyson. We love you Misty. We love you Wesley. You are in our hearts and minds.

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