Tab Dump – 03/09/2016

For all of my anxiously awaiting readers – the next installment of tab dump (All two of you bots) 😛 – Searching for “AngularJS Directive” presented me with a curious UI effect on the search results page – playfully asking if I wanted to play… So far, I’ve done one exercise – just waiting on time to pick it back up 😛 – ElasticSearch… because it’s always fun to see what the cool kids are playing with now days… – What’s all this then? – V2 of my favorite Hybrid Application Development Framework – More reading up on the cool kids…$compile – Because who doesn’t need to know $compile… Side note: Actually had this tab open 5x… because I am a habitual abuser of tabs… – Material Design, so hot right now… – Yup… – Mo AngularJS, because erryone needs mo Angular – I’ve not been working with AngularJS a whole lot lately.. totes.. not at all… – <- not more angular… – Information about dogs… Ohh.. Wait.. More AngularJS – drats! – OK.. The joke is beyond old… AngularJS it is… – Let’s just pretend this is something non-AngularJs – because refreshers are always helpful… – This one is totes about IIS routing….and not Angular – this one too.. totes IIS and not AngularJs… Totes…. – Been debating dusting the old HP Touchpad off to see what’s changed… if I can just find the time… – Mo HP Touchpad – Touchpad – Touchpad Touchpad – Touchpad Touchpad Touchpad

Until next year time!

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