Conspirators apologize?! Earth 1, Mooninites 0!

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So, apparent the birds are singing a different (apologetic) tone. Initially defiant (justly I feel) about accepting responsibility for the Boston Terror scare, the duo who placed the Adult Swim /ATHF LED signs have now apologized for the chaos that ensued when the Boston bomb squad blew up some light-signs.

Simmer… set…. apologize for someone else’s Eff up? Hmmm… I understand the plea deal being the primary motivation for the apology – but come on…. they didn’t do anything wrong… and now they have to apologize and do community service to get out of trouble… for doing nothing wrong….

“I deeply regret that this incident caused such anguish and disruption to so many people,”

– Berdovsky the dreadlocked hippy read in a Boston courtroom…. SCORE INFINITY FOR DA MAN!

Surely that was written by the man in charge in Boston who actually caused the hysteria… surely… I mean, in the end, isn’t the person who initially over reacted – the one who should be uttering those words…

Oh well… community service and an apology to make it all go away…. I guess that is the value of dignity and justice when fighting the (stupid ass) MAN….