The Strokes Concert…. Eww fun.

Strokes ConcertWell, this is just going to be a breif post, I just wanted to get some of the pictures up from the Strokes concert lastnight. It was rad! Kristy and I had an awsome time. The Strokes were great… We got there good and early to hang out and drink some brew.

Most of the pictures are pretty blurry…. the lighting was low and I was shooting without a flash (as it was useless at the 50ft or so where we were — we will leave the alcohol out of blame). Some of the pics turned out pretty decent, I was just too far back for clear faces, but I was there for the music (which ruled).

Due to exceeding my monthly flickr quota I was unable to upload all of the pics but I picked some of the clearest. I will update with full recap of evening tomarrow.

Strokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes ConcertStrokes Concert


Well, it has been a busy week…

Kristys BDayThis past Wednesday was Kristy’s B-Day… a whole 26 years old…. We will be in walkers before we know it! I think that she enjoyed herself. I enjoyed trying to make her feel as special as I feel that she is. That is not to say that anything went off without a hitch, as everything that I ordered her for her birthday fell through the cracks less than a week before her birthday but I think that things salvaged okay. I prepared her one of my word-renowned heart-stopping, ultra-caloric feasts. The menu consisted of filet mignon, tuna fillets, shrimp, baked broccoli, and a crab and shrimp sauce made from scratch. In all I think one sitting that night contained the equivalent of 8 regular meals, but hey… who cares… right?
Kristys BDayKristys BDay

Another happening of the week, on a far less jubilant note, was the receiving of the remainder of my brother’s personal effects. They pretty much consisted of his electronics (computer, cameras, etc). There was nothing there out of the ordinary to shed any new light on the situation, not that I ever thought there would be. It is good to be able to finally look at all his pictures and videos from shortly before his last days with us. It is hard to watch, knowing that most of the time he was not only happy, but was the life of the party; he only couldn’t see that in that moment. I am taking my time in going over everything (as I said its not exactly what you call a fun thing to do). I feel that it is something that I have to do at least once. There is always the possibility that there is something beneficial in there for someone down the road (most notably his daughter). I know they will most likely spend most of their days in a dusty drawer in the back but I feel that the hole is a little more filled, having that missing piece in place now. At least they are near and safe.

Geo's NightAnd for the end of the week…. Geoffrey Bateman is getting hitched in a week so a few of us guys wanted to hit the area for a (tame) night on the town. A lot of drinking, a little shit-talking and very poorly played pool… fun for all. We started at Wings in Montgomery with a little chicken ‘n’ beer then we carried it to the big city of Troy and hit up a local tavern for a few drinks before heading the Twin Twigs for a little pool. It was good, (nearly) wholesome fun…
Geo's NightGeo's NightGeo's NightGeo's NightGeo's NightGeo's NightGeo's NightGeo's Night

Montgomery Zoo

Hello friends!
Here are the pics from our trip to the Montgomery Zoo. It was neat… You cannot help but to feel bad for the little guys tho… Some of them seem to be happy while others just seem to be bored and cramped. But I guess it beats being hunted in Africa for your tusks or balls or something.

The weather wasn’t the greatest but fortunately it never rained on us so…. the pics color are alittle off because the overcast but was fun never the less.

May Showers….


weatherUpdate: I must admit…. I do love the spring time…. the may showers… the thunderstorms…. I am writing this while listening to the rain on the roof as the thunder rumbles, vibrating everything ever so slightly. Just a little while ago Kristy and I took the dogs outside. The storm was where you see it in the radar snap at the left. A crackle of thunder rumbled about 5 miles in the distance which echoed overhead and miles past. The rumble was hardly audible but the dogs notice… Zadie cowered and ran to the length of her leash. Nearly nothing can mimick the level of awe-inspiring power behind these storms. These rumbles rival the rumbles of mordor 🙂
Just a breif post…. Right before quitting time at work one hell of a storm rolled in…. It kinda petered-out quickly but it made for some interesting pics… At first the cloud was nearly blackish-purple then it lightened into shades of grey… There was alot of wind activitiy which created some pretty fascinating (and scary) swirls in the clouds…. I actually wrapped up the foto shoot when I noticed what seemed to be some verticle spiral activity… check em out…

Ol’ Blackwater…..

Well, we had our first adventure of the summer. Kristy and I along with Green and Richard headed down to Blackwater River in Milton Florida and hit the water. It was great. We packed the tent and the dogs in the car and set up on the river bank for an overnighter. The weather wasn’t exactly ideal but the gods were on our side and kept the rain off of us for the most part. I cannot wait to go back for another round. These are the pictures from our adventures. Enjoy!