Well, it has been a busy week… This past Wednesday was Kristy’s B-Day… a whole 26 years old…. We will be in walkers before we know it! I think that she enjoyed herself. I enjoyed trying to make her feel as special as I feel that she is. That is not to say that anything… Continue reading Pheww…

Montgomery Zoo

Hello friends! Here are the pics from our trip to the Montgomery Zoo. It was neat… You cannot help but to feel bad for the little guys tho… Some of them seem to be happy while others just seem to be bored and cramped. But I guess it beats being hunted in Africa for your… Continue reading Montgomery Zoo

May Showers….

Update: I must admit…. I do love the spring time…. the may showers… the thunderstorms…. I am writing this while listening to the rain on the roof as the thunder rumbles, vibrating everything ever so slightly. Just a little while ago Kristy and I took the dogs outside. The storm was where you see it… Continue reading May Showers….

Ol’ Blackwater…..

Well, we had our first adventure of the summer. Kristy and I along with Green and Richard headed down to Blackwater River in Milton Florida and hit the water. It was great. We packed the tent and the dogs in the car and set up on the river bank for an overnighter. The weather wasn’t… Continue reading Ol’ Blackwater…..