Year Three.

It has been three years now without my little bother. I do not think about ‘it’ as much as I used to; though, that is not to say I don’t think of him daily. Although 3 years have passed to the day today, it seems like it was just last week I was chatting with him online while he was in Japan – him telling me highly inappropriate, and often embarrassing, stories of his escapades while abroad… that was Mark.
It is odd how when we loose someone, we don’t really loose them – just the ability to go see them and form new memories with them – by far the greatest loss. I think of Mark likely more now than I did before loosing him – death does that to people. Even though he is not here anymore, I still feel that he is. I don’t know how to put it; I am not crazy and I know he is gone, but I still remember him clearly, I still feel as if I have recently talked to him (though I know I have not), and I still think about seeing him again. I know I won’t, but it still helps to think that I will see his face again.

So, there you have it. If you are out there in the æther Mark, we love you and we miss you.

Halo 3 – v 1.1 – February 20, 2008 update

Well, Bungie released the Halo 3 v1.1 update in the early morning of Wednesday February the 20th 2008. In short the update is intended to fix some of the perceived discrepancies with the melee system in Halo 3. Apparently there have been a great deal of complaints from user who felt that they were on equal footing as their opponent going into a melee contest to only be left dead after the conflict.

Basically a melee contest comes to be when both players appear to have initiated the melee at the same time. Bungie has attempted to compensate for the 80-100 ms average latency between users by allowing a window for these melees to be judged, though this compensation did not appear to work to the average user. Many users complained that after running head first into battle with guns-a-blazing directly at their opponent, and then meleeing their opponent, that they were killed even though their attack was as accurate and as long as their opponents.

Bungie has said that this system is weighted by how many of each opponent’s bullets landed on the other leading up to the melee; something that would make sense. Though the logic for judging melees seems sound, Bungie has opted to implement a new judgement system for melee contests. In short, unless one player has a sizable health advantage over the opponent in which they are in a melee contest with, both player may be left dead at the end. When players ‘simultaneously’ execute a melee on equal footing, under the new system, equal damage will be assigned to each player hit with the melee.

Although, after reading Bungie’s write up on the issue I understand their initial melee system more, I must admit that there have been many instances where I felt that I had landed as many, if not more, bullets leading into a melee contest only to be left lying on the ground dead in the end – wanting more than anything to chunk my controller through the screen to show the Bee-otch who killed me ‘what was up’. I have not personally been able to check out the new system, but I am updated now and plan to do so shortly 🙂


Shiny new toy…

I am writing this post from my shiny new toy (as shown).  This beotch is bad.  Quad cores and 2.4 Ghz each, Dual Nvidia 512MB 8500GTs in SLI configuration and 2GB ram (more to come).  Obviously there is more to is than that, but those are the high points.

Now I am going through the hoops of setting up everything. I have XP installed and am working on Linux.  XP was relatively easy except the shipped driver disk for the MoBo nvidia chipset f’d up the network card (yea, an nVidia ethernet card. Go figure.), so I had to reinstall and make sure I installed the current release of the drivers – which works like a charm.  I installed Ubuntu and got all up and running, but I had some screen artifacts when using SLI so I am attempting Fedora 8 as I have read reports of ppl with my problem of having out-of-box success with Fedora and I am feeling lazy, so “out of the box” sounds right up my alley.