Just wanted to share this because I feel that it will otherwise never see the light of day…

First, pop over to “Top Gear” a BBC publication/television show…
And here was my response (that, like I said, will likely never been seen on the site):

“First, I must apologize, I have not seen the video in question – a search for “American Holiday” yields no results on your site.

With this said, there are idiots everywhere you go; you can’t single out Alabama as having a monopoly on them.  I live in Alabama and I can verify that there are, in fact, some seriously ignorant, back-woods folks that live here – but, there are more intelligent, good hearted people that call Alabama home.

Chances are, under different (non-instigating) circumstances these same people would have given you a ride or helped you work on your car, had you broken down.

It often times seems the case that people pass through Alabama full of stereotypes about the local Alabamians – when I was a TEENAGER I did the same… that was before I called this place home and realized my perspective was warped and prejudice. Granted, some of these stereotypes are pretty accurate but others, most of them, are greatly exaggerated.

When you roll into any place and start running your mouth off about local tradition people take offense, even when they don’t fully embrace it themselves – this is life. If I came to your home town bashing your local government (even the parts you dislike) you would likely take offense from an outsider running off at the mouth… this is life… fortunately my southern upbringing instilled better manners than this into me.

Despite your attempt to pass yourself off as taking the cultural high-ground you don’t seem to be very culturally sensitive or culturally educated.

I can only hope that if you do ever venture back to Alabama you have the chance to meet some of our wonderful citizens and see some of our beautiful countryside.

Best to you, from Alabama!”

Unfortunately they do not let you know this:

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until after you have posted…. go figure.

For those of you who know me and knew me in my (misspent) youth, I am far from the average Alabamian, nor am I typically a Alabama fan-boy, but, with this said, I grow increasingly tired of stereotypes in regards to Alabama.  There is much that can be changed that would benefit Alabama and its inhabitants but there is also alot that is great, no, that is perfect and should not be touched for anything or anyone.

Do not roll through here on high-horse and lump all of Alabama in with a couple of bumpkins you pass along the way and I will not come to your hometown and lump all of your citizens with the less savory of your society. Deal?

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