To Whom It May Concern:

We, America, need to get our collective heads out of our collective asses.

We live in a free country;  a free country where we are free to express ourselves however we may seem fit as long as our expressions and practice of our liberties and freedoms does not infringe on others.  But we must ask, “how far are we responsible for infringement on others?”  Are we to be held accountable for dramatically affecting our fellow citizen’s pursuits in life when it is our fellow citizen’s ignorance that is really to blame for any impediment of their own freedoms?  Are we responsible for others in being responsible to make sure that everyone has a base level intelligence to know a joke from a threat to their security?

Recently in Boston there has apparently been a “terror scare”.  What brought on this scare one may naively ask; ‘be it mysterious dust or smoke?’ No. ‘Be it explosions, the source and demolitionist unknown?’ No. ‘Be it blinking, glowing menacing signs of apocalyptic doom, in the form of cartoon mooninites?’ Yes, it be.

Like I said, collective heads out of…

For those of you who do not know; this making of ‘led throws’ is a popular past time for those of us who are technologically inclined and time abundant (or sleep deprived – which ever the case may be).  It has been being done for some time now and has been greatly popularized by the likes of tech communities such as Makezine.  Everything from ‘threat level alert’ signs to, yes, cartoon character likenesses have been made using this popular, cheap and easy technique of visual (harmless – unless you live in a city of paranoid schizophrenics such as Boston) vandalism.

How this could ever be mistaken as a terror threat is unknown to me (other than the previous city of Schitzos theory).  As I see the story continue to flash across CNN, and see the footage of Peter Berdovsky being arrested for posting advertisements around the city I cannot help ask myself (any anyone within ear or eye shot), ‘where the hell are we living?’  Are we living in a free country anymore? I know that many will say undeniably ‘yes’ and will feel that this is a justified response to a potential terror threat (abeit likely delusional).  To you, I would have to say ‘Stop messing up my country.’ Stop terrorizing citizens of this great nation. And also, G.W. Bush, STOP SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF US!

We are so convinced that every last one of us are at a daily risk of death from some faceless terrorist organization across the globe.  The potential attack, be it dirty bomb, biological warfare, nuclear detonation or menacing LED SIGNS – we cannot stop people from being people because other people are scared of them being themselves in their practicing of their freedoms.  If you are unable to distinguish threats to your life and well being from simple LED advertisements, the best advice I can give to you to protect your life it to stay home.  Never leave the confines and safety of your own walls.  Outside of that, leave you paranoia and delusions of grandeur at home and away from sane, creative souls living their American dream.

“He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither” – Benjamin Franklin





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