Holidays are the time for…

… eating things you could kill an animal with (in a years time) and drink enough to do the same…

Happy Holidays*Everyone!

I obviously have had a couple of parties as well as a few of the holiday visitors as is accustomed this time of year. First off was the Christmas ‘party’ hangout at the house. We had the traditional mouth-watering tasties in the traditional (ridiculously large) quantities; the ones that you (fortunately for you cholesterol) only get once a year. Was a good time of brew (despite Sunday status), good food, fun games, and friends (neither good nor fun 🙂 ).

Next up was the annual work Christmas party at Pike Aviation. This was also quite an enjoyable time (too enjoyable perhaps with a turn in of approx 2am!(and work the next morning)). There was the ever present over-abundance of hard liquor and brews of the beer variety; good stuff. Coupled with this was the ever popular pizza and seasonal finger foods… also, good stuff. All in all is has been a wonderful (and miserably full) season.

I look forward to the actual holidays 🙂

*unless you are offended by ‘holidays’ in which case you can call it ‘baby-jesus day’, ‘Christmas’, ‘Quanza’, ‘Chanukah’ or the ever popular ‘where is my new shiznit day’ – any way you slice it, I hope you have a festive and happy one!

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