It is so on….

Aight… Its summer and I have been cooped up at the office and the house the majority of the time. Not only that, but school started this week….. “the remedy?” you might ask….. CANOE AT BLACKWATER….. Ahhhh yea….

So here is the situtation…. River levels been down for weeks…. gradually rising over the last 2 weeks as if the gods of blackwater knew we were beconing their call… the rains have flooded the higher lands for the first time nearly in 2+ months and she has swelled…swelled to the current level (as of this writing) to 4.75ft (….

Not only this but as I am writing one hell of a storm is approaching…. from the east no lest, furthing my hypothesis of the Blackwater gods favoring our journey!

So… wish us luck and fun and I will post pics apon our safe return!!

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