I have not written here in some time, so here I go.  Life is hectic.  That is the short of it.  That is why I have not written here in so long.  Between my personal life, work, and school I have had little time to spend here.  Okay, so that is not total truth as I find time for my MySpace and emails and such but I feel that those resources are more effective in my desire to communicate with you all (which is what this is all about to begin with, right?).

With that said, life has been busy in deed.  First, I will go back in time.  My mother came down for a visit (and drop off).  She came the week of my 26th bday to bring us the 1994 mustang that we purchased from her and to hang out (she gave us a hell of a deal on the stang – couldn’t pass).  Needless to say, little productive was done during her visit.

My Bday went off without a hitch, which was nice.  From mom, I got the ever popular, cash.  From my beautiful wife, I received an 8MP Kodak digital camera; which I, like a prick, returned for another – I am nearly impossible to shop for.  But, thanks to her initial purchase and a series of events, which I will not give here for personal ‘protection’ reasons, I was able to get one of the coolest goddamn digital cameras to roll of a manufacturing line; the Canon S3 IS.  This bad bitch sports 6 mega pixels (not an upgrade from what I already had) behind a 12X optical zoom (major upgrade)!  I tell you, I can see the flag on the moon (okay, not really, but I can see the craters!).

From here, I progressed to catch up on the school work that I got behind on; which brings me to school.  So far I have enjoyed my learnin’ this semester… okay, so that is a stretch… I have enjoyed my Java programming class… what I have not enjoyed is my macroeconomics class….  I am sorry to all that I may offend with the following statement (it is opinion and you know what THEY say about those)… Macroeconomics BLOW.  I feel that the class is pointless and merely serves the purpose to muddle what would normally be common sense concepts in order to complicate these concepts so that economist can justify a job.  Concepts familiar to most all who live within a prosperous society are twisted and distorted, with marginal difference, into more complex (though, with nearly identical outcomes) concepts with new definitions that basically send you ‘round and ‘round chasing your tail back to the concepts you started with that you once fully understood but are now, for some odd reason, immensely confused on…so yea, I think that economics blow…  I think that these guys are making it up as they go, which is supported by the arguments within their circles on what actually means what…  BS.

But I digress, back to Java.  As I said, I am thoroughly enjoying my Advanced Programming I – Programming with Java.  It is both challenging and entertaining.  I feel that not only am I learning the essentials of programming with Java, but I am also expanding my understanding (and definition) of logic.  It is funny how something as innate and inherent as logic can take on so many forms; most of which we are largely unaware of most of the time.  Such seemingly constant constructs break down into arbitrary relationships.  The boundaries of logic, what is and how it is, breakdown into re-definable concepts and objects.  Fascinating, both from a technical aspect as well as a philosophical (something that if you know me, you already know, I am quite interested in).

So, now, it is Friday of homecoming weekend.  Friends are in town and activities are abound… we will see where the day takes us.  Until next time…

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