summer showersMan ‘o’ man. Its coming. Summer is just around the bend and I am getting sorrier by the moment. Something about the summer makes me want to grab a 12pack and a canoe and head for a river.

To me a perfect work schedule would be working indoors during the winter and not working (period) during the summer. I am really looking foward to working hard this summer (hard at doing nothing even remotely productive).

I figure the summer will be deticated to the “arts”… yea… the arts. Pictures… thinking deeply about the metaphores that apply to the breeze (trying unsuccesfully not to sweat)…

Already we have gotten a taste of the spring showers. Warm afternoons kicking around the humidity.. I love it… nothing more refreshing than the flash thunderstorms and gully washers on a hot summer day. Its like a ‘reset’ button for the day….. all the smells and enviromental build up of the day washed away, hours before the normal time of hours after sunset.

Of course I am not stupid or forgetful (ok, well yes I am; just not here) I do remember the horribly smothering humid days where each breath requires the concentrated strength of 4 breaths… but… well…. I will worry about that later…. soon I will be canoeing and it will not matter…

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