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Just wanted to pop in and do a quick post (at 2am) about a small project I just finished.  It is really little to nothing but I am still proud as I think that it is possibly the first time I have identified something that I could simply write and app or script to perform.  It is a simply PHP script that takes input from a form, a BASE256 standard IP address in this instance, and converts it to an usable BASE10 IP address.

I read an article at MEDIAHUG on the conversion process, specifically the formula, for conversion of a base256 to a base10 address.  As stated above, although the address looks alien from the standard format that we are so used to, the new http://XXXXXXXXXX address works just the same…  you can check it out  HERE.
This is my first real scratch PHP task.  I have hacked around in wordpress some but this is the first solo I have done.  For me it seems easier decoding someone elses code and knowning what it does from looking though it than it is to come up with concept and implimentation.  Granted, this is a sloppy project and I am sure that it would not take too long for anyone with any coding or scriping knowledge to find bad practices (just as some ass is picking apart my spelling in this post I am sure) but hey, fuck it… I had fun!

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