Educated and Unemployed…

Well.  I have not posted anything here for a while… lack of inspiration? eh.  Lack of time? eh.  Perhaps, a bit of the two in tandem most explains the lack of activity, though I am inclined to believe it to be more of the latter of th two – from the mere fact that I am now posting, and I now, not so coincidentally, have time.

So, I am done with school (Pause for ovation) – that is right, I am a college edgumakated graduate of the Troy University Computer Science program… Woot!  So, what exactly does my new found status amongst the elite graduate demographic (ok, not so elite) actually net me? So far, dittly squat.  About fourty (yea, fourty with a ‘4’ & a ‘0’) sent resumes resulting in about 3 call backs, two of which are from recruiting services (aka salespeople)… Fun…

So in recap, ~30K on education and no income after more than a month on the hunt…. fan-freakin-tastic… Before much longer (as unemployed) I will enter back into the “bluecollar workforce” and use my computer science degree as a candle mat – a really expensive candle mat.

On a related note, know anyone who needs an unemployed Computer Science graduate with a bit of programming experience and butt-load of technical expertise, toss me a bone and send my number their way!


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