My gripe : Sony, sometimes you really suck.

I have bit my tongue for 3 months now and just can’t do it anymore.  Why in the hell is it that every time I turn on my PS3, I have to wait for 20 minutes before I can play a game.  Were I 12, with little to do, I would likely give two shits less – cause, after all, I have dickall to do.  I on the other hand, am not 12 and usually do have shiznit that I need to do – I usually grab a quick game or two of (INSERT GAME NAME HERE) in between doing said shiznit.  But can I do that with my PS3?  NO!  Why?  Cause every damned time I turn the fucker on it starts pulling the ever so important updates.

Really, what the effin-eff, Sony.  I don’t understand why I have to pull a 5 part update every time I put a game in your SIX-HUNDRED DOLLAR CONSOLE (ok, so I have the Drake edition and some extras, but yea, $600 smackers), the damn thing steals 20 minutes of my life… I own a 360, I own a Wii – they don’t do this to me.  So, a console ultimately made for children (Wii) and a console marketed as your direct competition to your console (360) both understand my needs as a gamer a whole lot more than you apparently do – wanna take a guess at what consoles get the largest percentage of my play time?  I can give you a hint –  they don’t have a P or and S in their name (unless you spell out numbers)…

But what do you care, Sony… you got my 600 bucks.

update done… going to play Little Big Planet…

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