Support Alabama HB 373 – Remove Antiquated Alcohol % Beer Restrictions

In case you are unaware, Alabama is currently in the process of attempting to reform its antiquated Alcohol Laws.  The bill has passed the house and now needs Governor Riley’s approval to pass it into law – Governor Riley really needs to know that we Alabamians want this to pass!!!

Current restrictions do NO GOOD in protecting Alabama’s citizens and only serves to restrict YOUR choices through political agenda and special interest arrangements – let the Governor know that your beer of choice is YOUR BEER OF CHOICE (even if it contains 7% alcohol). There is no logic behind the law – as we all know, there are plenty of legal (liquor) drinks well in excess of the 6% restriction placed on beer… So, logically speaking, how can a 6% restriction on BEER really be in the interest of the people?

Obviously, I would never ask you to act based on my word alone, so if you don’t know, get educated –

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Here is my message to the Governor – feel free to replace my name with yours and edit where you see fit.

Subject: HB373

Dear Gov. Bob Riley,
First, thank you for taking the time out of your day to address this issue.  I am writing to express my support of House Bill 373.  I am formally requesting that you, my elected governor, act in the best interest of my beautiful state of Alabama and sign HB373 into law.

Far too long has Alabama followed behind many of the other 49 states of this grand nation in removing antiquated laws and regulations from our books – please do not allow this to CONTINUE to happen in regards to the overly restrictive alcohol laws that have hampered the industry and individual’s rights for nearly all of Alabama’s great history.

Although I understand and appreciate many of Alabama’s conservative traditions and their supporting laws, one’s personal choice to consume a particular beverage should not be governed by the state when the beverage has been approved at the federal level.  Although one can clearly understand the need to regulate safety standards for approved beverages, current law does far more than this in that it prohibits most beverages for arbitrary and political reasons, with out the “for the good of our people” defense to support it (it’s no secret that the Birmingham Budweiser Distribution Company petitioned against previous similar bills to HB373 in the past).

Not only this, but current regulations on Alcohol have no logical backing in that prohibiting alcohol content in beer to <6% serves in NO WAY to protect Alabama’s people and only serve to hinder individual choice and freedom – as you likely well know, we Alabamians can buy beverages containing far in excess of 6% under current Alabama law.

Please, Governor Riley, pass HB373 so that the currently over-reaching laws and restrictions on Alcohol can be lifted so that me and my fellow Alabamians may drink our beverage of choice without the interference of big government.

Thank you very much for you time and attention.
Alabama Citizen Matthew Ezell

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