Linux Method: PS3 3.21 Firmware Update Bypass – OtherOS

Just as was the case with with other dozen or so people in the world who use the OtherOS functionality of the PS3, I was very disappointed to learn 2 weeks back that Sony would be removing OtherOS functionality by means of a System Update (assumed to be related to fears stemming from GeoHot’s Exploit Release for the PS3 HyperVisor).

Sure enough, After declining the mandatory update, I found myself unable to log into PSN  (post-April 1st, 2010).  Fortunately, after some extensive Googling, I ran across this gem [Warning: Sketchy pop-ups and redirects – be safe]- how to setup your own DNS and Webserver for allowing the PS3 to “check for updates”!  Thanks, DaGraver!

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