Google’s URL Shortener and QR Code Generator –

Apparently, Google has been working on a URL Shortener – think or  I was unaware that Google was getting in the URL shortening business, but apparently there has been some hype about its pending arrival around the interwebs (It is Google afterall)..

Apparently, the URL Shortener service is currently only available as a addon/plugin/extension for Google products.  Fortunately, one such product is Chromium – for which there is a handy-dandy plugin that allows you to generate shortened URLs for any page that you visit!

What makes this plug in even cooler (something else I just learned – literally at the same time as learning of is that this URL Shortener also generates a QR Bar Code (the bar code pictured to the left, if scanned with a QR capable device, will take you to THIS POST!)!!!  To generate the bar code, all that is needed to be done is append ‘.qr’ to the generated URL and “BAM!” MAGIC!  You have a custom QR generated for whatever URL you are browsing!  Example: “” will take you to this post and “” is the bar code to the left!

Neat, huh?!

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