Festive Results – Google 2012 Holiday Easter Eggs

I stumbled across something that caught my eye a few minutes ago, so I thought that I would share… in the spirit of giving and all 🙂

Browse to http://google.com and search for something… Anything… Heck, it can be ‘something’…

Google Results - something

Notice… Oh, look!  Results… Oh, wait… yeah.. that’s normal…

Now, navigate to http://google.com and Google something Christmas-y… like… say… ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ – what can get more Christmas-y than that, right?!

Christmas-y Results - Charlie Brown Christmas


Pretty neat, right?!

According to geek.com (yup – first screenshot.. beat me by a day), this little Easter egg works for “Hanukkah” and “Kwanzaa” as well…


Happy/Merry (would hate to offend) Festivus!!!!!








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