Recovery from a hack.

If anyone sees any annoying pop-ups after visiting my page, please let me know!  FriHost, my webhost, was hacked and some jackass spread a worm on there that injected alittle nasty hijacker php code that caused the viewer’s browser to pull some ads (that were set up to generate them revenue no doubt).

I think that I have removed all of the code and that everything is functioning properly.  If you notice something not working or see an ads from domainstat please let me know.  All the code does is forces a ad to your browser when you view a page with this code attached, so it is harmess.  Harmless as it may be, it is annoying as hell when someone interjects some BS on a page that is not theirs.  Like I said, I beleive I have the code cleaned out (only took about 2 hours and a mexican pizza from tacoHell at 11pm but hey!) so let me know if you see something I missed.

And remember kids, don’t use spyware, hijackers or spam…. if you do you will be a loser and have death wished apon you like I currently am the jackass who hijacked my site (here and – most likely the GrassRoot Connection too but I am too tired to tackle that bitch tonight).

Good Night (unless of course you are a jackass like the forementioned jackass in which case I hope you are currenly on fire and surrounded by nothing but gasoline. ass.  prick. scum of the earth.    May the following generations of your line be cursed with the plauge of a million desert camel crabs in their pubic region.   u suck.

Good night (Except you. You know who you are.)

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