Summer Fun.

Oh Please, Oh Please, Let this be a good summer (I will settle for a “not-bad” summer in reality).

I am sitting here listening to the newest Pearl Jam… Doesn’t seem to have a title.. self-titled I guess… has an avocado or something like that on the cover so…. yea, don’t know how I feel about it… Will have to listen to it more…

So… Kristy and I have our second scheduled plan for summer. We are currently seeking a room near the Sloss Furnace where we will be seeing (*drumroll*) THE STROKES. We are really looking forward to that one. Haven’t been to a concert in a few years. Usually there isn’t much in the way of artist that we want to see in B-Ham (not that they never come but it is always on a goddamn Tuesday or Wednesday.) but for some odd-ball reason the Strokes will be playing at the Sloss. Got 2 tickets.. Just got to find a room and buy some gas and we are set.

(note: switched to the Streets new album, the hardest way to make an easy living while typing this.. couldn’t get into the PJ… this one is funny…. liking “Never went to church” )

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