The Limitless Potential – NIN Remix Album from Open Sourced Tracks

Awhile back Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails released tracks from the album Year Zero for remixing by fans. The source files were released free of charge in Logic/Garage Band formats for editing by those with those programs (or programs capable of interpreting/converting their file formats). After the release of the tracks by Trent,, a community based NIN fan site, announced a “remix competition” based on the released tracks. After several months of entries and votes, a compilation double CD set has now been released – FOR FREE!!!

Although the main site has been forced to restrict direct downloading of the album due to excessive bandwidth consumption, the album can still be nabbed at several torrent sites, some of which are listed below. (Of course you will need a bit torrent client to download (technically, to use) the bit torrent files – my current flavor is Azureus (though I am not claiming superiority on the client, I can simply vouch for its relative safety. There are several other great clients out there, but there are also a lot of BAD ones as well – consider yourself warned.))

Credit where credit is due: I initially found out about this via lurking in the UbuntuForums (forum to my (current) favorite free OS)


I will be interested to see where this graph goes over the coming weeks.

EDIT: omnivector @ digg pointed towards for more remixes of the tracks…

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