Summer Fun.

Oh Please, Oh Please, Let this be a good summer (I will settle for a “not-bad” summer in reality).

I am sitting here listening to the newest Pearl Jam… Doesn’t seem to have a title.. self-titled I guess… has an avocado or something like that on the cover so…. yea, don’t know how I feel about it… Will have to listen to it more…

So… Kristy and I have our second scheduled plan for summer. We are currently seeking a room near the Sloss Furnace where we will be seeing (*drumroll*) THE STROKES. We are really looking forward to that one. Haven’t been to a concert in a few years. Usually there isn’t much in the way of artist that we want to see in B-Ham (not that they never come but it is always on a goddamn Tuesday or Wednesday.) but for some odd-ball reason the Strokes will be playing at the Sloss. Got 2 tickets.. Just got to find a room and buy some gas and we are set.

(note: switched to the Streets new album, the hardest way to make an easy living while typing this.. couldn’t get into the PJ… this one is funny…. liking “Never went to church” )

Recovery from a hack.

If anyone sees any annoying pop-ups after visiting my page, please let me know!  FriHost, my webhost, was hacked and some jackass spread a worm on there that injected alittle nasty hijacker php code that caused the viewer’s browser to pull some ads (that were set up to generate them revenue no doubt).

I think that I have removed all of the code and that everything is functioning properly.  If you notice something not working or see an ads from domainstat please let me know.  All the code does is forces a ad to your browser when you view a page with this code attached, so it is harmess.  Harmless as it may be, it is annoying as hell when someone interjects some BS on a page that is not theirs.  Like I said, I beleive I have the code cleaned out (only took about 2 hours and a mexican pizza from tacoHell at 11pm but hey!) so let me know if you see something I missed.

And remember kids, don’t use spyware, hijackers or spam…. if you do you will be a loser and have death wished apon you like I currently am the jackass who hijacked my site (here and – most likely the GrassRoot Connection too but I am too tired to tackle that bitch tonight).

Good Night (unless of course you are a jackass like the forementioned jackass in which case I hope you are currenly on fire and surrounded by nothing but gasoline. ass.  prick. scum of the earth.    May the following generations of your line be cursed with the plauge of a million desert camel crabs in their pubic region.   u suck.

Good night (Except you. You know who you are.)

Thinking about thinking.

I often times find myself blankly thinking about nothing in particular.

Thinking about thinking.

I am thinking, I guess, but I don’t know that thinking about thinking actually constitutes thinking. Its like painting a painting. Is that art or just reproduction? I lean to reproduction.

When I take note of what it is that I am thinking about when I find myself unproductively sitting motionless often times I find myself in internal dialog with myself, debating the nature of my thoughts. What the hell is that and why can I not stop it? Why can I not be Einstein and actually think about something worthwhile like relativity or pondering facilitating some unknown need of the masses? Instead I find my self innately thinking about….. thinking.

I have concluded this to be an (mostly) unproductive and fruitless mindset, a mindset so deeply ingrained within my inner being that I cannot manage to weed the lil fucker out. I have however been attempting to (very unsuccessfully). I feel that this time in my grey matter could more efficiently applied to solving world impacting problems or wrapping my mind around the inherency of derived classes and data structures but still… I find myself thinking…. about thinking.

Am I alone in this? Trapped in my own internal devices and left solely at their mercy…helpless. Do not let me leave you with the impression that this internal place is a dark or horrible one, actually it closely resembles ‘lala land’ which is usually a relatively pleasant place for most, just entirely unproductive. My place , where I go when I am thinking about thinking, is equally unproductive but without the euphoria of the land of lala.

I dunno.. maybe I am crazy or just a self-centered underachiever (that underachiever part is an absolute known, not maybe). You, the 1-2 ppl who actually read this, am I alone in this or do you often times too find your self thinking about nothing in particular outside of pondering what exactly it is that you are thinking or am i fucking crazy for having to think about what it is that I am thinking? Never-the-less, I know I am crazy (something I take comfort and pride in actually – who the fuck wants to be normal?) I just wondered if this was one more prime example of my ever expanding lunacy or just some inherent, innate part of all human cognition….

Well, now, I am done… time to think some more… about…. thinking about thinking.

Google Pages is here.

The long awaited “google pages” service is finally rolled out it would seem..  The service is available on a limited basis but should be rolled out soon.  The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor has all the basic tools needed to create simple, streamlined pages and publish them via google’s service.

I look forward to see what will be created using the service.  I will have a more indepth review after work today…until then check out the page I created in 5 minutes this morning before going in. 


summer showersMan ‘o’ man. Its coming. Summer is just around the bend and I am getting sorrier by the moment. Something about the summer makes me want to grab a 12pack and a canoe and head for a river.

To me a perfect work schedule would be working indoors during the winter and not working (period) during the summer. I am really looking foward to working hard this summer (hard at doing nothing even remotely productive).

I figure the summer will be deticated to the “arts”… yea… the arts. Pictures… thinking deeply about the metaphores that apply to the breeze (trying unsuccesfully not to sweat)…

Already we have gotten a taste of the spring showers. Warm afternoons kicking around the humidity.. I love it… nothing more refreshing than the flash thunderstorms and gully washers on a hot summer day. Its like a ‘reset’ button for the day….. all the smells and enviromental build up of the day washed away, hours before the normal time of hours after sunset.

Of course I am not stupid or forgetful (ok, well yes I am; just not here) I do remember the horribly smothering humid days where each breath requires the concentrated strength of 4 breaths… but… well…. I will worry about that later…. soon I will be canoeing and it will not matter…

One Year.

Mark Suicide is pointless.

Because of suicide I lost one of the people I held dearest in this world.

I lost a friend of nearly 22years because of a minute of err in judgement.

There is now a hole that will never be filled because of a moments worth
of thought and choice.
There will always be words to be said to someone that I can never say them to again.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Life is full of problems…. that is life… without problems, well, we wouldn’t have much
live for.

Be thankful for your problems.
Be thankful that they are not worse; they could be.

Problems bring the triumps and victories in life into perspective, so that we
can enjoy them and feel them more deeply.

If you think that you have problems, that you cannot go on because your burden in
this world is simply too much to bear; you are wrong. You are not special. We all have
problems. Whatever you may be going through, someone else has gone through
it before you; most likely worse than you. Never loose your perspective on life;
it is life, there are problems, there are victories, NO ONE’S life is full of only one or
the other… we all share in both.

You are never alone. You are always loved.

Ubuntu 5.10 Install…. Wohoo! Pretty Nice…

Well, I installed the new Ubuntu 5.10 “The Breezy Badger” linux distro today and I must say…”Windoze, best watch your ass!” The install went smooth as a XP install and all of my hardware autoconfiged(almost all, the wireless took very little work and that can be blamed on BroadCom, not linux). That is saying alot as I installed the distro on my Compaq r3240 laptop. Anyone who has attempted to install older linux distros on s/icon-large/ubuntu.pnga laptop can agree that usually there is a big difference between having a fully functioning linux desktop box and the same being true with a laptop linux matchine.

There was little work in getting this distro up and online and then only SLIGHTLY more work in getting it who system up to date with the bells and whistles in free software (like burning, multimedia,3d,graphic, games etc software….free….oh yea, did I say 100% freegin free!). Like I said before… Windows watch your ass… these guys are going to give you a run for your money…. I must admit… next desktop I build for a customer will possibly have ubuntu as the default OS.

Just havnt posted in awhile and wanted to preach the praises of UBUNTU…. check em out… clear off a little partition and see what you can do!