Summer Fun.

Oh Please, Oh Please, Let this be a good summer (I will settle for a “not-bad” summer in reality). I am sitting here listening to the newest Pearl Jam… Doesn’t seem to have a title.. self-titled I guess… has an avocado or something like that on the cover so…. yea, don’t know how I feel… Continue reading Summer Fun.

Recovery from a hack.

If anyone sees any annoying pop-ups after visiting my page, please let me know!  FriHost, my webhost, was hacked and some jackass spread a worm on there that injected alittle nasty hijacker php code that caused the viewer’s browser to pull some ads (that were set up to generate them revenue no doubt). I think… Continue reading Recovery from a hack.

Thinking about thinking.

I often times find myself blankly thinking about nothing in particular. Thinking about thinking. I am thinking, I guess, but I don’t know that thinking about thinking actually constitutes thinking. Its like painting a painting. Is that art or just reproduction? I lean to reproduction. When I take note of what it is that I… Continue reading Thinking about thinking.

Google Pages is here.

The long awaited “google pages” service is finally rolled out it would seem..  The service is available on a limited basis but should be rolled out soon.  The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor has all the basic tools needed to create simple, streamlined pages and publish them via google’s service. I… Continue reading Google Pages is here.


Man ‘o’ man. Its coming. Summer is just around the bend and I am getting sorrier by the moment. Something about the summer makes me want to grab a 12pack and a canoe and head for a river. To me a perfect work schedule would be working indoors during the winter and not working (period)… Continue reading Summertime

One Year.

Suicide is pointless. Because of suicide I lost one of the people I held dearest in this world. I lost a friend of nearly 22years because of a minute of err in judgement. There is now a hole that will never be filled because of a moments worth of thought and choice. There will always… Continue reading One Year.